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About Us

The Citycasa Finance

CITYCASA Finance Limited was founded by a team of people who, after extensive experience in Finance and Entrepreneurship, wanted to reach a bigger client base, and bring their unique approach & service to more people.

It is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company. An that works primarily in the sector of Gold Loans, Car Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Personal Loan, Business Loan & currently operates in Pune, the company plans to gradually expand pan-India in the near future.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and flexible gold loan services to our customers.

Our Vision

The company aims to become one of the biggest names in the NBFC market in the next decade. Having established a trusted network of clients and investors over the last few years, the company’s strengths lie in the relationships that have been built over time and transactions. The founders have experience in dealing with finance in a variety of sectors including automobile, small scale business, & gold loans. While Gold Loans remain the primary focus, plans include expansion pan India.

Why are we unique?

Our approach towards the business has been customer- oriented since the very beginning. This has meant continuous research and analysis of the services we provide & the feedback we receive from our customers.

We primarily serve entrepreneurs looking for non- conventional financial assistance. We provide a higher amount per gram when compared to other companies on the market. Our payment schedules and patterns too are flexible when compared to other companies. This includes extensions on the contract, based upon a payment of the pending interest,

as well as easy returns of the gold equivalent to the amount repaid, even when one hasn’t repaid the full amount.
We also have an EMI option for repayment available where each month our clients can pay a combined amount of the interest and the principal amount.

This reduces the amount of the principal gradually and makes repayment a breeze.



Ideal for Investors

CITYCASA’s journey so far has been built on trust. Our entire client base has been created through references. There has been no direct marketing efforts, and the company’s success so far is a testament to the work and the satisfaction of the existing customers.

The same can be said of the investors so far. The investment plans come with monthly or annual benefits, and are designed specifically for those who want to invest in the market, but do not want to run their businesses.

The policies at CITYCASA make investing easy, as our policies on withdrawal, closure of investment, as well as initiating investments are client-friendly.
Our ability to provide a balanced financial opportunity to both investors and clients is a source of pride for us. At Citycasa we attribute this success to our constant effort to provide the most professional and friendly services to our clients and the returns we provide to our investors.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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